William Bradley




1984      Né à York, Royaume-Uni

              Vit et travaille à Londres et à New York



2007 – 2008    MA Fine Art: Painting, Wimbledon College of Art, UAL

2004 – 2007    BA Art and Design, York St John University


Expositions personnelles

2017         As Good As New, Galerie Richard, Paris

2016         I’ll Meet You There, Galerie Richard, New York, NY

      Volta NY, Galerie Kornfeld, New York, NY

      Mark Me, 68 Projects / Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin, Allemand

2015        The Black Paintings, Berloni, Londres

2013        Tall Tales, Galerie Richard, New York, NY

      Volta NY, EB & Flow Gallery, New York, NY

2012         Good Plan, EB & Flow Gallery, Londres

2010         In Between the Gaps, murmurART, Londres


Expositions collectives (sélection)

2017        Texas Contemporary, Galerie Richard, Houston, TX

     The Wild West, Galerie Richard, New York

     Volta, Galerie Richard, Bâle, Suisse

2016        Volta NY, Galerie Kornfeld, New York, NY

                Project Space, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Londres

2015        Hooper Projects Residency, Los Angeles, CA

                S2/SF, Sotheby’s, San Francisco, CA

     Summer Exhibition, Berloni Gallery, Londres                

2014        Person, Place or Thing, 68 Projects, Berlin

     Work Hard, Play Hard (with Mark Selby), Berloni, Londres

     Roster Crow, 68 Projects / Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin, Allemand

     Volta10, Berloni Gallery, Bâle, Suisse

2013        Summer Mixer, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY    

                Context Art Miami, Galerie Richard, Miami, FL 

                Volta9, EB & Flow, Bâle, Suisse

                Volta NY, EB & Flow, Soho, New York, NY

2012        Volta8, EB & Flow, Bâle, Suisse

                Art Trier – Kunst York, Bar Lane Studios, York

                Works on Paper, EB & Flow, Shoreditch, Londres

                Art Trier – Kunst York, Junge Kunst, Trier

2011        New Lights, Mercer Gallery, Harrogate

                Catlin Art Prize 2011, The Tramshed, Londres

2010        Abstract, Maddox Arts, Londres         

                Revolving Gallery, York St John University, York

2009        Catlin Prize 2009, Village Underground, Londres

                At Home, Maddox Arts, Londres

2008        Future Map 08, David Roberts Art Foundation, Londres

                Big Trouble, House Gallery, Camberwell, Londres     

                MiniMay, Eye to Eye Gallery, Newcastle

                Approaches to What?, The Nunnery, Londres


Publications et Presse 

2016       Kerr,Dylan. Collectors Susan and Michael Hort’s Favorite  

               Artworks from Armory, Weeks 2016, Artspace, March 4, 2016

2015       Cinque, Nicholas. S2 x SF Presents: William Bradley,    

               Sotheby’s.com Oct. 2, 2015

               Artra Culatorial. Emergent Presence, FABRIK, Featured in Issue

               30, 2016

2013       Eberhart, Jennifer. William Bradley: Tall Tales, NY Art Examiner,                          

               Nov. 22   (1 illustration)

               Laluyan, Oscar. William Bradley: Tall order in Full color, Artefuse

               (12 illustrations)

               Punj, Rajesh. William Bradley, Flash Art, #100, Janvier – Fevrier

               (1 illustration)

2012       Good Plan, exhibition catalogue

2010       Honoré , Vincent. Douglas, Sarah. In Between the Gaps,  

               exhibition catalogue with

               Marmite Prize

2009       AN Magazine, article on Catlin Art Prize 2009

               Bloomberg.com, article on Future Map 2008

2008       Saatchi Online, video article on Future Map 2008


Prix et Récompenses

2015       Hooper Projects Residency Los Angeles

2014       68Projects Residency, Berlin

2011       New Lights (Valeria Sykes)

               Catlin Commission

2010       Marmite Painting Prize

2009       Catlin Prize 2009, finaliste



The Hort Familly Collection, NewYork, NY

University of the Arts London, Londres

Nelimarkka Museum, Finlande

Richard Greer Private Collection

David Roberts Art Foundation, Londres

Robert Devereu Private Colection

Michael Lynne Private Collection