Dionisio González

Press Release

Dionisio GONZÁLEZ                   Dauphin Island - Venice                     August 31 October 9th, 2016


Opening Reception: Wednesday August 31st   from 6pm-8pm


Galerie Richard presents  Spanish  artist  Dionisio  Gonzálezs  fourth  solo  exhibition  in  New  York  titled  The

Dauphin Island - Venice from August 31st to October 9th 2016. The exhibition is composed of six photographs of Dauphin Island Series in 2011 and six photographs of the Venice Series (The Light Hours) in 2011. His digital photographs are visual, sculptural, photographic, architectural and urban related spaces. His photos always

request  preliminary  historical,  sociological,  political,  economical  research  before  making  his first picture.  He mixes the past, present and future, confronting us to a condensation of time which stimulates the imaginary. Dionisio González works can also be considered as utopias which invite the viewer to deal with philosophical debates.


Dauphin Island, located off the coast of Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico is known for experiencing perpetual and devastating hurricanes When a storm hits the small island of around 1,200 people, it often washes away much of the coastline with it, leaving residents to rebuild their wooden homes again and again following every big storm. The artist explains: my goal in this series of images, is to carry out project work, a sum of interventions, of alterations to  space,  based  on  pre-existing  cartography but  paying  attention  to  the  want  of proportion bequeathed by the territory itself, and almost to a certain suprarealism, a certain exaggeration and based on respectful  usage  of said territory.  Locating for this purpose,  small buildings  or buildings  on a scale that is symmetrical to the context, and executing them on those voids on the beach where vestiges indicate a prior presence. The idea is also to restore and accentuate the phantasmagoria inherent in the area, but using energy–efficient buildings, with recycled materials or materials with low energy expenditures, buildings which are in turn a nature observatory(1).


At  the  opposite  of  Dauphin  Island,  a  place  that  is  continually  being  rebuild,  Venice  condemns  itself  to  a perpetual immobility. The Venice project was defined after analyzing the designs put forward for the city by the greatest architects  of the 20th  century, but which never saw the light of day: It is a belated tribute to these

abandoned attempts to change the appearance of a place that had remained the same for hundred of years. With  astounding  objectiveness,  Dionisio  González  photographs  the  areas  that  should  have  housed  those buildings and, using modern retouching techniques, inserts the renderings of the buildings to recreate them with the aid of the original  drawings  and projects  of Frank  Lloyd  Wright,  Le Corbusier,  Louis  Khan-  attribute  to Palladio and a reinterpretation of Ignazio Gardellas Condominio Cigogna.


According to Dionisio González, the failure to construct these buildings lay in the scanty application in other words, a lack of perseverance in pursuing the goal, due to the reluctance of the owners of the present palaces to confront them with contemporary ones, the financial revenues brought by tourists and the consideration to preserve Venice as a memorial for future generations.

My photos are the result of a lot of research to identify the exact location of these absent buildings. I started off by taking simple photos of the areas, then added the buildings in 3-D, using not the original drawings but the ones already modified by the architects on the basis of the first re-examination with the contractors. In this way, I  side-stepped their absence and created a possible Venice What Venice could have become or re-invent itself.


Dionisio González lives and works in Seville. His work has been exhibited in many prestigious institutions and museums including The Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago,  The  Museo  Centro  de  Arte  Reina  Sofia,  Madrid,  The  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  (MOCCA), Toronto,  the Museo de Arte de Sao Paulo (MASP),The  Museo de Arte Moderno  de Bogotá  (MAMBO),The Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux.


(1) www.archilovers.com:projects/138076/dauphin-island;html#info