Press Release

            William Bradley                                          As Good As New                                    May 6th – June 17th, 2017


Galerie Richard is pleased to present “As Good as New“ by 32 year old British artist, William Bradley, for his first solo exhibition in France from May 6th to June 17, 2017. Featuring nine new paintings, 4 in the form of three diptychs and a triptych made in 2017 at his Yorkshire studio. His new range of colors will surprise the connoisseurs of his work.


William Bradley takes on his heroes of the American Abstract Expressionism scene, by paying tribute to their new gestural aesthetics while distancing himself from their spontaneous corporeal commitment. His work begins with the creation of small abstract watercolors, each much composed with a very specific color scheme. The artist then scans and manipulates them on his computer, in particular by saturating and contrasting the colors. The resulting digital work is meticulously reproduced on canvas with a brush using oil painting and by doing so adding matter to his work.


His works described as “abstract art about abstract art“ have been spoken of with an underlying conceptual approach which is the exploration of the disconnection between the artist and the viewer. Bradley developed a language of references or borrowings for the most part from many expressionist painters such as Robert Motherwell, Clyfford Still, Adolf Gottlieb, Willem De Kooning and Hans Hoffman, while maintaining the distinction of his creative approach.


William Bradley does not seek to have his paintings described as abstract expressionism. On the contrary, he uses the characteristics of style while denying artistic technique and the concepts attached to it. Thus, his paintings act as classifying artistic movement as a brand and as an exhausted academicism. They refresh modernist concepts with contemporary incarnation. While brush strokes were initially intuitive, they are now consciously transcribed as forms.


The discovery of his works faces a dilemma which he has difficulty to explicate and which translates both in proximity and detachment. Proximity comes from modernist reference presented earlier and the dilemma may arise from the time one passes to appreciate the accuracy of each form, every detail and each task. It is necessary to realize that the success in each element of painting can not be the result of chance.


William Bradley graduated with a Masters degree from Wimbledon College of the University of the Arts London in 2008. He was selected for the Futuremap 08 and the Caitlin Art Prize in 2008 and 2009. His works are in renowned private collections in Europe and in the United States such as the Hort Family Collection, in the public collections of the University of the Arts London and the David  Roberts Foundation for the Arts.