Press Release

 Galerie Richard announces the opening of Informed Men, a virtual solo exhibition of seven selected computer-robotic assisted acrylic paintings on canvas from Joseph Nechvatal’s Informed Man series (1986-1990). Informed Men exhibits six large and two small paintings from this mid-1980s pioneering series that bought early digital technology and advanced conceptually-based painting together under a theme of information overload.


About them, the artist wrote (in a 2017 artist statement) that these paintings are the results of recovered digital files of un-realized computer-robotic assisted paintings from his Informed Man series (1986-1990) that featured an information-saturated figure of Lazarus returning from the dead out of the tomb. And that this work stresses a continuum of artistic acts based on recovering from loss and the resisting of oblivion.


Historic Background: The painting Informed Man (1986) 82x116” was one of the first large computer-robotic assisted acrylic digital paintings that Joseph Nechvatal created on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was first exhibited in Nechvatal’s solo exhibition at Brooke Alexander Gallery in SoHo in 1985 and purchased by Elaine Dannheisser there. The Dannheisser Foundation lent Informed Man to be exhibited in Documenta 8 in Kassel Germany in 1987. It is now in the collection of Emmanuel Javogue in Miami.  


Other existent large mural scale paintings from the Informed Man series (1986-1990) include: Compassion Rules the Destruction of the Regime (1986) 88x120” now in the collection of Frank Berndt, Koln, The Information Cult’s Panopticon (1986) 97×139” in the collection of Bil Ehrlich and Ruth Lloyds, NYC (also exhibited at Documenta 8), Hyper-Body II (1988) 96x120” in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Integrating Web (1987) 180x245” and Exuberant Corpus (1990) 108x80” both exhibited in 2000 in the polyALTERITY exhibition at UMF Art Gallery, Farmington, Maine, and Overdrive (1989) 69x106” in the collection of the artist, Paris.


In Joseph Nechvatal’s 2017 exhibition Computer Virus 1.0 and the Return of Lazarus at Galerie Richard, 121 Orchard Street in New York City, two of the never before seen Informed Man series canvases were exhibited.