Press Release

Galerie Richard in Paris presents ‘Contemporary Photographies’, by Bae Bien-U, Dionisio González, and Olaf Rauh from January 16 to February 28, 2021. Presenting both argentic black and white photographs and digital color photographs, the exhibition expresses two generations.




Bae Bien-U was already the best known photographer in South Korea when we met him in 1998. First gallery to have presented it in Europe, the series of the Kyung-Ju forest is the one with which he gained national  and international recognition. The high winds in this region of South Korea twist, carve the pines giving them a dreamlike presence.





Dionisio González invents digital constructions in places in response to social, political and environmental issues.The 2012 Trans-Acciones color series and the 2013 black and white Inter-Acciones series feature individual homes that can overcome any sea level rise. The landscapes of Alabama in the United States and Spain and the people and animals included therein are not altered.



Paninsula is a fictitious tropical paradise island ignored by geographers, where each one builds his house in lush vegetation and finds a peace away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Olaf Rauh «built» literally these dwellings, pixel by pixel, recognizable by their geometric forms contrasting with the curvatures of the vegetal orld. This series created in 2007 takes even more resonance in this coronavirus period.